Order Made-to-Measure Curtains from Turkey

Trend is a Turkish manufacturer of blinds, curtains and sun protection systems. Our products are manufactured made-to-measure in our facilities and dispatched to our customers around the world. Curtains products range are listed below, for window blinds (roller blinds, venetian blinds and such) please refer to this page.

· Stage Curtains

· Traditional Curtains and draperies

· Ward dividers (Hospital Separator Curtains)

· Hotel Curtains

With Trend blinds being preferred worldwide around the world, you should look nowhere else if you’re considering ordering curtains from Turkey. We have more than 20 years experience  in manufacturing such products that fully comply with the European directives. We offer competitive prices along with a professional customers service.

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Curtains are preferred by Trend customers for various reasons. When they're used as a sun protection solution on windows they offer a more decorative and traditional look than our window blinds such as roller blinds. Curtains may be used for other purposes too and in such cases usually there is a functional need. Some examples are stage curtains or hospital ward dividers. Our curtains are usually equipped with a track mechanism and can be controlled either manually or automatically. 

Curtain Tracks

We offer different types of curtain tracks for each specific application. Single, double or in some cases triple tracks are preferred based on the needs. For a hotel project, a layered look of sheers and blackout curtains is a common choice and each rail of double track will hang the sheer and blackout fabrics respectively. In this solutions night time privacy is ensure while the sunlight may be allowed during day time. Trend tracks have silent and smooth operation and controlling them manually usually while with heavy-duty systems like large draperies a motor and in some cases double motors have to be installed to control them easily.


Motorized Control

motorized electrical control drapery curtain somfy

The preferred method of control for curtains may be motorized when our customers require easier and more comfortable operation or the fabric is rather heavy or large that it can not be controlled manually.  Our motorized curtains come with a Somfy Glydea motor and can be controlled via different devices with remote controller being the top choice. Other options include wall switch, central automation system or even mobile devices and computers. Trend is a Somfy Expert with extensive experience in motorization of curtains and blinds. 

 Curtain Fabrics

We have different catalogs for curtains and draperies and each have different colors, compositions and characteristics. For some projects the fabric is required to have optional choices such as fire-retardancy, anti-bacterial protection, acoustics performance and so on. It's matter of finding the best product considering the needs and priorities. If you contact us we may help you find the best fit. 

Made in Turkey

Our products are manufactured in our facilities in Istanbul, Turkey. Since the related European Union regulations are in effect already in Turkey our curtains and draperies fully comply with the European standards. You may want to contact us via email or phone to submit your inquiries.


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