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Purchase of roller blinds

Trend Curtain Systems, is engaged in the manufacture and sale of roller blinds. You can contact our customer representatives for individual and institutional purchases, receive the necessary information and guidance, as well as get quotes. Listed below are the items to be noted when purchasing roller blinds. Please call us to get the most accurate information.

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The points to decide while purchasing the roller blind are grouped according to the titles and explained with the information.


There are different fabric options for roller blind. The standard blind is 100 percent polyester. This blind is easy dirt-free due to the fabric structure and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. It has a large number of color options. For more information about colors, see the color / pattern section on our blots. Another type of fabric is a technical material called a screen or sunscreen. This fabric is produced in developed countries with special glass fiber and PVC mixture. The sun holds the harmful light and does not penetrate inside. At the same time it is transparent. In this view, you can see the outdoors even when the sea is closed. They will be quite attractive, convenient and elegant choices for offices. Another choice is blackout (blackout). It is used when the light needs to be cut completely. To learn about Blackout, read our pages and read our articles for useful information.

Which of these should you prefer? If absolutely confidentiality (privacy) is required, blackout, a modern and durable system if desired, you can choose screen, for standard requirements and plenty of color options choose polyester. Regardless of fabric, all Trend® roller blinds will meet your needs and will be used efficiently and for a long time.

Manual or Motorized

Is your system manual or is it a motorized? That's the other point you need to make. The manual systems offered by Trend Blind Systems are easily controlled by the chain to the right or left of the blind and are used without problems. Small size roller blinds can be used easily in manual system, but the manual system is inadequate as the size increases. In this case the motorized system is inevitable. The price of motorized blinds will be higher than the manual blind, in case of accessories such as buttons and controls. Nevertheless, the prices of motorized blind systems offered by Trend are reasonable

Motorized roller blinds have the following advantages:

  • 5 years Trend® guaranty
  • Not affected by usage errors
  • Modern, latest system technology
  • Blind remote control could be controlled even with Iphone, Ipad or Android mobile devices

Blind Motor

You need to choose a brand on blind engines. Trend is working with the world's leading French automation brand Somfy. The Somfy motor roller blind with our Somfy Expert certificate is the leading choice of institutions to choose. The blind engines also offer the Mosel brand, which is tested for stability, performance and durability. You can contact us for your other blind motor preferences, you can use the brand you want in the control roller blinds.

Blind size

Blind size is a critical factor and affects your other choices. Taking the measure of the application area for the blind with professional technical staff leads to a healthy establishment. View our help page for detailed information on measuring.


Please contact us and ask your questions and requests.

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