Roller Blinds from Turkey

Trend is a Turkish manufacturer of window blinds, curtains and sun protection systems. Our windows blinds product range includes

· Roller Blinds

· Zebra Blinds

· Venetian blinds

· Vertical Blinds


Upon request we’re able to produce blinds based on the dimensions (made-to measure). With Trend blinds being preferred worldwide around the world, you should look nowhere else if you’re considering ordering blinds from Turkey because with more than 20 years experience  we’re able to manufacture such products that fully comply with the European directives at very attractive prices along with a top-notch after-sales service.

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Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are our customers' top choice of blinds. This simple yet effective system can be used basically every place with the numerous application and fabric options available. Trend roller blinds catalog has more than 460 colors and designs mainly suitable for commercial buildings, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels and residences. Roller blinds have different fabrics options mainly including sunscreen, blackout and standard polyester. Sunscreen roller blinds will suit most needs and is a preferred type of our customers from any corner of the world. By default our made in Turkey screen roller blinds have fire retardancy, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protection and are entirely odorless. You may find more information on the roller blinds page.

Zebra Blinds

This is a more decorative variant of roller blinds having two layers of fabric on a single mechanism. Also called as combi blinds, duo and day-night blinds, zebra blinds are an elegant choice for residential places, offices, restaurants and such. Trend zebra collection have various options for design and color. System can easily be motorized and controlled via either wall switch or remote controller along with mobile devices and computers in the case of a automation system.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds is one of the most widely used interior window blinds products. With their slated design these blinds are very functional choices allowing to control sunlight effectively. Trend interior venetian blinds have different control options while the most preferred one is double control with a wand to adjust slat angles and a string to pull slats up and down. Adjusting angles provides tremendous light control as it's easy to sensitively determine the amount of sunlight to allow. While not as common as roller blinds, it's possible to add motorization to metal venetian blinds.

Trend IVBs come with a variety of color and slat size options. You may select from more than 120 colors available in our catalogue. Most popular slat size is 25 mm, and 16 mm, 35 mm and 50 mm are other alternatives. The slats are made up from aluminum and produced in our factory in Turkey. For wooden venetian blinds visit wooden blinds page and for exterior blinds visit exterior venetian blinds page.

Window Blinds Compared

It's matter of finding the best product considering the needs and priorities. If the price is the priority roller blinds would be a great choice, especially when equipped with sunscreen fabrics. If you contact us we may help you find the best fit. On the charts below you may compare the systems with respect to unit prices and ease of installation.
Price Comparison for Window Blinds
Ease of Installation Comparison for Window Blinds

Made in Turkey

Our products are manufactured in our facilities in Istanbul, Turkey. Since European Union regulations regarding the blinds and sun protection systems including EN 14501 and EN 13120 are in effect already in Turkey our products fully comply with the European standards. Trend products are used in various European countries including UK, Germany and Netherlands. For further info please contact us

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