Roller blinds are our customers' top choice of blinds. It's basically a length of fabric on a roller mechanism which can be adjusted to various heights. This simple yet effective system can be used virtually every place with the numerous application and fabric options available. Trend roller blinds catalog has more than 460 colors and designs mainly suitable for commercial buildings, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels and residences.

There are three main types of roller blinds fabrics we offer: standard polyester (translucent), screen (transparent) and blackout -you may find out more about screen roller blinds and blackout roller blinds pages. We have carried out roller blinds projects in various countries. It all starts with analyzing the project details meticilously and understanding our customers' priorities and finding the right solutions. Then manufucturing the blinds in our facilities and install them on the project site if requested, which is recommended but not obligatory. All our roller blinds are produced made-to-measure and we don't have standard sizes.

  • All Trend products comply with the related European directives defining sun control systems including EN14501 and EN13120.
  • Roller blinds can be controlled via a variety of methods including remote controller, wall switch or any device connected to the internet. As a Somfy® Expert and partner, we use Somfy tubular motors and accessories for the roller blinds we manufucture.
  • All our fabrics have passed the related health, environment and fire-reterdancy certification tests.

Trend Roller Blinds

1. Screen Fabrics

2. Blackout fabrics

3. Standard PES fabrics

Trend roller blinds are produced made-to-measure on demand. Please contact us to receive a quotation.

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How can I order roller blinds?
Our company operates in Istanbul, Turkey. You can contact us specifying the products and services needed and then receive a quotation.

What are the different types of roller blinds operation?
You can control roller blinds either manually or automatically. Manual control options are chain and spring. Motorized control options are remote, button along with various other devices in the case of a central automation system.

How to learn the specifications of the blinds?
The recommended solution for your project will use a specific type of fabric and mechanism along with the necessary accessories. Technical specifications for each of these components will be e-mailed to you.

Roller Blinds Manufacture

Roller blinds are manufactured in Trend Blinds' factory located in Istanbul and supplied around the world. These are our top selling products are preferred by our customers from basically every corner of the world. Once the dimensions of the blinds and other preferences are known and the production starts based on the agreement's conditions. We may arrange the transportation ourselves or the good might be picked up from our facilities. Most of the fabrics are in stock, particularly the sunscreen series which are the top fabrics solution we offer, so the production time will be limited to few days. If you have a project that will use such blinds or are looking to buy wholesale roll up shades Trend should be your top choice because we combine high European standards and competitive prices.