Screen roller blinds, also known as sunscreen blinds or screen shades, use a special translucent fabric that offer excellent optical and thermal comfort. Unlike standard roller blinds they don't block the view thanks to the fabrics composition and weaving. They have the standard roller blinds mechanism and can be controlled manually and automatically. As a Somfy Expert, Trend uses Somfy motors and accessories for motorized shades. Our blinds are made-to-measure and produced upon the agreement with our customers, there are no standard sizes.

Benefits of Screen Fabric

Screen fabric often is composed of a dual combination of fiberglass, PVC and polyester. Each fabric and each color has different optical and thermal performance metrics and choosing the proper fabric is vital to the performance of the blinds. Sometimes metalized back coating could be preferable for places receiving extensive sunlight.

  • Energy-efficent
  • Transparent view
  • Flame-retardant
  • Affordable
  • Perfect choice for LEED green buildings

More info
• Screen fabrics usually have either 5% or 3% openness factor, which is define as the ratio of 'holes' to the fabric surface. 1% or 10% OF is also possible, while 1% offering maximum heat and light blockage and 10% vice versa.
• A typical sunscreen shade reflects and emits about 80% of the light and only allows 20% through. Energy efficiency of a particular fabric and g-total could be calculated for each application. For this termal metrics of the glass should be submitted to Trend.

• Typically blocks 96% of UV lights.
• Could be suitable for just any place including offices and restaurants.

Screen Roller Blinds

How can I order?
Our company operates in Istanbul, Turkey. You can contact us specifying the products and services needed and then receive a quotation.

How to learn the specifications of the blinds?
The recommended solution for your project will use a specific type of fabric and mechanism along with the necessary accessories. Technical specifications for each of these components will be e-mailed to you.

Trend venetian blinds are produced made-to-measure on demand. Please contact us to receive a quotation.

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